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Yoga lessons in the Aude, South France

All of my Yoga lessons are given following the method of Sri. T. Krishnamacharya.

Group lessons during the stages.
Yoga classes can be done either outdoor or indoor. Most of the time the weather in the south of France is very suitable for outdoor activities. When agreed by all of the participants, we practice Yoga outside. Together we can go to the most exceptionnal and quiet spots surrounding us to enjoy the beauty of nature. 


Individual lessons.
I also offer one to one lessons for people who are willing to improve their lives.
An individual lesson takes two hours. In the first hour I ask questions to my student about his request. This enables me to design a yogasession that fits personal needs and capacities. In the second hour the student learns how to practice his yogasession in the best way. It is then important to practice the moves alone everyday for about 20 minutes. 
We meet again after three weeks to check on improvements and to adjust excersises where necessary. After another three weeks of practice, we meet again for the final finishing touches. Three visits are usually enough to reach the desired result. Each individual lesson costs 40 euros.


Group lessons.
Group lessons are given twice a week.

On thusedays and thursdays from 17h00 to18h20 in the Termalcenter of Vernet les Bains.
The costs are 10 euros a lesson, or 50 euros for 6 lessons one followed after the other.


Just contact me.

Best regards, Mana.