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My yoga course in the Languedoc

KrishnamachnyaT.K.V. DesikacharMartyn NealMana Weiser, yoga teacher
I was born in Holland on the 15th of March 1975 and I have been practising yoga regularly both in Holland and France from the age of 19. I have been teaching yoga since 2007.

From september 2008 till august 2010 I have been following the yoga teacher training course run by Martyn Neal in Narbonne. In August 2010, after 400 hours of training, I received my diploma as yoga teacher following the method of Krishnamacharya. I am still regularly learning from my wonderfull yoga teacher Martyn to deepen my yoga practices as well as my understanding of the Yoga Sutras of Patãnjali.

My teachers teacher, T.K.V. Desikaschar, is the second son of Sri T. Krishnamacharya.

Although Martyn received an initiation from Krishnamacharya, he gained most of his yoga knowledge from T.K.V. Desikaschar and they both still meet up every year.

So to sum up, Sri T. Krishnamacharya tought his son T.K.V. Desikaschar, who tought my teacher Martyn, who tought me.

Yoga crossed my path, it fell at my feet without me needing to search for it. If I may say so, it feels to me that teaching yoga is my vocation. Since yoga has been in my life, I rediscovered my curiosity, interest and enthusiasm for the everyday. I became more conscious and I feel more alive and happy.

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